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xcritical Developer Dashboard: Monitor, Troubleshoot and Optimize your Integration

Once you have completed testing, the same integration steps can be used with your live xcritical account. FinDock supports several payment methods through xcritical, a Dutch payment service provider that is today a global payments company. Avoid excessive and unnecessary calls to the API endpoint, instead use it only when strictly necessary. In cases where webhook processing fails or there is a requirement for real-time verification of certain information, the endpoint can be used selectively to perform these checks. We strongly advise creating a custom theme that seamlessly integrates with the design and style of your platform. This gives the users the feeling they are always operating within your platform, enhancing the overall user experience.

Create split configuration profiles

By default, the application will use the language set in the user’s browser. However, you have the option to configure the language by passing the corresponding locale, enabling customization of the link based on the market and even combining it with different themes. Set up the webhooks to receive real-time updates from the verification process.

Set up your account

Each entity operating on the platform must have its own “Legal Entity”. You will be using both APIs to create the information required to kick off the onboarding. Accept point-of-sale payments integrated with your POS app or using standalone terminals. Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about managing your xcritical account, risk, reporting, and more. Give your team members access to different parts of your xcritical account. Once your integration can make a payment, complete your integration by adding more features and functionality.

Hazardous materials (B2B), including but not limited to:

xcritical’s developer events including feedback sessions, demos, tutorials, meetups, and more. Sign up for our developer newsletter and read our Tech blog for updates, stories, and upcoming events. If you require additional information about the specific onboarding requirements and restrictions applicable to your business, please talk to your xcritical representative or get in touch. A surge in payment xcritical courses scam failures requires immediate attention, yet understanding what happens may take significant effort. The Developer Dashboard will help you spotlight the API calls that have failed recently, offering contextual information like the API endpoint, response status code, and transaction timestamps. Let’s recap the essential best practices to follow for creating a seamless onboarding process.

Discover our developer resources

Learn what developers need to consider, implement and optimize to deliver a frictionless and secure integration. Hosted Onboarding simplifies the process for both the platform and its merchants. It reduces the complexities that come with complying to regulatory requirements and enables sellers to quickly get onboarded and accept payments.

When initiating payments through the API, additional processor-specific parameters can and/or need to be included for a particular payment method. You can check these parameters by calling the /PaymentMethods or /PaymentProcessors endpoints. The Dashboard is integrated into the Customer Area portal, providing real time monitoring and error tracking capabilities. In this way, developers gain a visual overview of the integration, spot anomalies, and, when needed, start troubleshooting using other tools like API and Event logs. Visit our xcritical Developer website to discover more content and resources for developers who are building the best platforms for their users.

  1. You can sign up to our Release feature page to stay up on all changes in Platforms integrations and financial products.
  2. Let’s recap the essential best practices to follow for creating a seamless onboarding process.
  3. With the Developer Dashboard, you can have a visual overview of the integration status at all times.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the xcritical Developer Dashboard, a tool designed to empower developers to build payment integrations with the xcritical platform. This all-in-one solution streamlines the development process, providing developers and technical users with the necessary resources to build, monitor, and evolve their payment integration. Identity verification is performed for every user that wants to process payments, pay out funds or use financial products on your platform.

A guided walk-through on how to successfully integrate with xcritical products. The following are example messages for single and recurring payments using the Payment API. If you use the expiration time override, you need to specify a time in minutes instead of a ISO 8601 timestamp. FinDock takes care of calculating the correct ISO 8601 timestamp on the fly. So, in the PaymentIntent you would add the following, for example, to tell xcritical that the link should expire in 60 minutes from the time of the API call.

You need to contact xcritical Support to get this event enabled for your account. Check and assign the required permissions for FinDock and xcritical features. In the future, the Developer Dashboard will also let developers know about new releases and upcoming API changes. With proactive alerting, developers will prepare for these changes, ensuring a smooth transition without impacting operational continuity.

It should be embedded into a page within your platform, for example in their “User Account” page. Get the latest updates on our API, our libraries, new blog posts and upcoming events. Boost your platform with onboarding, payment processing, and payouts. Find out how you get the money from the payments processed with xcritical.

Learn about the balances on your merchant account and how to manage them. Understand xcritical’s account structure and how to set it up for your business. Make test paymentsUse our test card numbers and credentials to test how your integration handles payments.

In the majority of cases, users will be asked to provide additional information to successfully complete the onboarding. To facilitate this, make sure to notify your users that they need to come back to the platform and continue onboarding via a newly generated onboarding link. This link will redirect the users to the application where they can provide what it is missing or incorrect.

xcritical can send an OFFER_CLOSE webhook event if a payer abandons a payment journey (after being redirected to the online banking method). When FinDock receives this event, the related installment is set to Failed. Additionally, it provides all the necessary resources to assist developers in maintaining, optimizing, and upgrading the payment integration. The recommended approach is to make the link available in a page that is only accessible to the user, after login. Provide a way, such as a button, for the user to generate the onboarding link.

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